Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is finding popularity among millions of Americans as an important part of their health. This therapy provides impressive physical, mental and emotional health benefits to all walks of life. Massage is a safe and effective therapy for relaxation, relief of pain, recovery and remaining healthy.


A classic Swedish massage is great for stress reduction, sore muscles and stimulating circulation to promote tranquility and relaxation.

30 Min $40 • 60 Min $70 • 90 Min $110

A Deep-Tissue massage will help release chronic muscle tension, aid in areas of tightness and assist in recovery from activity-induced soreness. Firm pressure is applied with your comfort level in mind.

30 Min $40 • 60 Min $70 • 90 Min $110

Essential Oils provide a powerful stimulus for our emotions, memory, learning and healing processes. Find relief from stress. Calm, soothe and regain your sense of well-being.

30 Min $50 • 60 Min $80 • 90 Min $115


A re-energizing massage that combines Swedish techniques with heated stones. Heated stones are strategically placed and used to massage areas of tension while promoting a sense of well-being. Moderate to firm pressure is applied and the heat of the specialized stones provides a thermal effect that induces deep relaxation.

90 Min $125

This nurturing and relaxing massage gives special attention to the mother’s comfort and stage of pregnancy. Recommended for women past the first trimester of pregnancy.

60 Min $70


Medical Massage may help alleviate discomforts related to auto/work injuries. Therapy is applied to assist in the reduction of pain & inflammation, increase circulation, and reduce or eliminate scar tissue as a result of your injuries. A doctors prescription is required.


Insurance coverage may be available if you have been involved in a recent auto accident or work injury. Most Auto Insurance and Workers’ compensation plans will reimburse for this treatment at no cost to you. Various Health Insurance plans may also include Massage Therapy. All patient policies will vary. We will verify coverage with your Insurance provider and save you time.




PEDISSAGE                                                       $20
Relaxing massage performed with warm aromatherapy oil on the calves and feet.

SOOTHING HAND TREATMENT                       $10
Relaxing massage performed with warm aromatherapy oil on the hands.


HAND AND FOOT TREATMENT                       $35
The best combination of pedissage and soothing hand treatment.

PARAFFIN HAND TREATMENT                        $10
Warm paraffin wax applied to soften and relieve overworked hands.




TARGET                                                          $200
Includes 6 Half-Hour treatments
Alleviate muscular tension and target specific areas such as neck, shoulders and back.

RENEW                                                            $325
Includes 6 One-Hour treatments
Restore well-being and relieve muscular and mental tension.


6 MONTH SERIES PACKAGE                         $325
Includes 6 One-Hour treatments
Choose from any $65 Massage Therapy treatments. No membership fee. No contract.

12 MONTH SERIES PACKAGE                       $650
Includes 12 One-Hour treatments
Choose from any $65 Massage Therapy treatments. No membership fee. No contract.


* All Massage therapy series packages are transferable and non-refundable. Series packages do not expire and may be shared.